Addressing the hesitations of your loved one’s transition to senior living

Addressing the hesitations of your loved one’s transition to senior living

November 22, 2021

Initiating the conversation of moving your loved one into a personal care home is already difficult, but it’s made even harder when the older adult in your life feels extremely hesitant about the transition to senior living. While it’s normal for them to feel nervous about change in general, the worries they have can get in the way of them actually living a better life. When you choose a premier personal care community, like Heather Glen Senior Living in Allentown, you can rest assured that the very real concerns they bring forward aren’t something they (or you) will have to worry about after the move. 

Below are some common hesitations seniors bring up, and how Heather Glen Senior Living addresses these concerns. 


It’s very common for seniors to believe that moving from their home and into a personal care community means giving up their independence—when in reality, living in a house without round-the-clock care is limiting them more than they realize. 

Heather Glen offers residents a safe, secure environment to live their lives. It provides the services of an all-inclusive senior living community with the added assistance of care. This allows for a worry-free lifestyle, where they can actually gain more independence than what they had living in their homes or with family members. 


Whether your loved one prefers to keep to themselves or is a social butterfly, they might have hesitations about the neighborly expectations within a personal care community. Older adults who love to make new friends and socialize will be thrilled with the activity programming, community gathering spaces and friendliness of fellow residents and staff members. If your loved one is currently living a generally isolated life, they’ll soon realize the positive impact that socialization can have on their mental health and well-being. We do understand that everyone needs a break, however, and suites in the personal care community allow for plenty of privacy. 


Leaving the comfort and familiarity of their existing home can often cause a lot of stress. But your loved one will be relieved to find just how homey the Heather Glen community really is. The spacious suites allow for personalization to make residents comfortable and happy, while a cozy atmosphere throughout the community helps create a home-like environment. 


Moving into a senior living community with dozens of other residents may leave your loved one feeling as if they’ll get lost in the shuffle, and their health may take a hit. Or, they’re nervous about leaving their existing medical care team. Heather Glen Senior Living prioritizes the health and wellness of our residents, with a 24/7 care staff, on-site physical therapists, visiting care practitioner, and other healthcare professionals. Each resident’s personalized care plan will take their medications, specialized meal requirements and fitness into consideration. Residents can also take advantage of the provided off site transportation to their existing medical professionals. 

When discussing the benefits of moving to a personal care community, it’s important to hear the hesitations and concerns of your loved one. But rest assured, Heather Glen Senior Living is the premier option for older adults in the Lehigh Valley area. The services and amenities are unparalleled, and will provide the independence, socialization, comfort and health services needed to help your loved one thrive. For more information or to schedule a tour, contact us online or give us a call at (610) 841-4478. 

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