Fostering Community and Compassion—James Barnett’s Impact at Heather Glen Senior Living

Fostering Community and Compassion—James Barnett’s Impact at Heather Glen Senior Living

Image of James Barnett and the outside of Heather Glen Senior Living

September 1, 2023

At Heather Glen Senior Living, there’s a driving force behind the scenes that helps keep the community running smoothly and enriches the lives of its residents, and that driving force is James Barnett, the Building Services Director. His journey at Heather Glen Senior Living spans an impressive six years, during which he has become an integral part of the community’s fabric. 

From nursing homes to senior living

When James relocated to Pennsylvania, he was presented with an opportunity to step into a role in the field of building services management in personal care. The transition felt like a natural progression, allowing him to bring his expertise and enthusiasm to a senior living environment. This decision marked the beginning of his journey at Heather Glen Senior Living, where he has since played a pivotal role in creating a comfortable and vibrant living space for our residents 

As the Building Services Director at Heather Glen Senior Living, James wears many hats, and his role extends beyond traditional building maintenance and includes responsibilities that contribute to the residents’ overall quality of life. Floor maintenance, housekeeping support, resident transportation to medical appointments, room turnovers—these tasks form the core of his daily activities, and he firmly believes that a high quality of life for residents starts with a clean and well-maintained environment. It’s also essential to build relationships with our residents, and James and his team excel at fostering a positive and supportive environment through genuine interactions. 

“Even if I am only in their room to fix something for a few minutes, the conversation can mean a lot to them,” he explains. 

These small but meaningful connections contribute to the sense of community and belonging that Heather Glen Senior Living is known for.

Creating a sense of home

The balance between routine maintenance and unexpected repairs is delicate, especially in a senior care community. James and his team manage this by providing advance notice for routine maintenance to minimize disruptions, and in the face of any unforeseen repairs, effective communication becomes paramount to ensure residents are informed and comfortable during the process.

For James, the remarkable blend of friendly residents and supportive employees truly sets Heather Glen Senior Living apart. The community's serene atmosphere fosters respect and camaraderie among all members, and this unique combination creates a living space that truly feels like home for residents. Within the walls of Heather Glen, the team atmosphere is described as nothing short of outstanding, and this spirit of unity and collaboration is a driving force that enables the community to thrive and ensures residents receive the best care and attention possible.

A vibrant community

At Heather Glen Senior Living, James Barnett exemplifies the dedication, compassion and expertise required to create a vibrant and nurturing environment. Through his commitment to maintaining the physical space and fostering emotional connections, he plays an instrumental role in enhancing the lives of the community's residents. If you’d like to learn more about the work we do with our incredible team, or would like to visit our community, give us a call at (610) 841-4478 or fill out our online form today.

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