Help seniors feel less lonely during the holidays

Help seniors feel less lonely during the holidays

December 9, 2020

Due to the widespread health pandemic, many people have adjusted their holiday plans to keep themselves and those around them safe. Although these precautions have been for the best, they have unfortunately left family members, including seniors, out of their typical holiday gatherings—and perhaps feeling pretty lonely. Heather Glen Senior Living has prepared a list of ways you can reach out to loved ones this holiday season, especially those in living in a personal care home or community, to make them feel a little less lonely. 

Schedule time to talk 

Even with changes to gatherings and celebrations, this time of year can get busy. It can be easy to forget to touch base with loved ones, so it’s important to make sure you carve time out of your days or weeks to do so. Even if it’s just a five-minute conversation over the phone or via video chat, it can mean all the world to your senior relatives and friends. 

If you’re both early risers, give them a call while you drink your morning coffee or during your commute. Night owls? Make a conversation with them a part of your nightly routine. Take a few minutes out of your lunch break to FaceTime. Chances are, your loved one doesn’t care when you call or what you talk about—they’ll just be happy to have that time with you. 

Send cards with others 

The holidays are a perfect time to send your distant loved ones themed cards. To make more of an impact, talk to family members, church groups and friends to rally together to send a bigger envelope or package full of cards, poems, and more. Photos are also a great item to send this time of year—whether they’re old prints of your loved one and you or recent ones of your family, we know it will brighten their days. 

Bake family recipes they can share 

Speaking of holiday recipes, we guarantee anyone would be excited to receive baked goods or any special family recipe. Talk to your loved one’s personal care community to determine the safest route for delivering edible items, and find out if they’re able to share with their neighbors and staff—if so, consider making a big enough batch for everyone to enjoy. 

Watch performances or favorite movies virtually 

Was there a special performance your loved one always attended when they were younger? Or did you all gather together to watch a holiday movie or television special? Find ways to watch them together from a distance. Many local or regional theaters are putting on performances of The Nutcracker to stream virtually, including the Pennsylvania Youth Ballet. Streaming services have just about every holiday movie you can think of, and there’s multiple ways to watch them alongside your loved one without actually being there. 

Visit them in accordance with safety guidelines 

If you’re lucky enough to live in close proximity to your loved one’s personal care community, reach out to find out what visiting protocols are like during the holidays. Although it’s hard to be away from family at this time of year, it’s more important than ever to take their health and safety into consideration. 

It’s hard knowing that your loved one might feel lonely this time of year—which is why the right personal care community can have such a positive impact on their lives. Heather Glen Senior Living isn’t just a place for residents to live. It’s a place for them to grow, meet new people, make new friends and enjoy their independence in a safe, healthy environment. Explore our amenities, understand our living options and contact us to learn about the highest level of care in Lehigh Valley.

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