The Heather Glen Difference: A Word From Our Valued Residents and Their Loved Ones

The Heather Glen Difference: A Word From Our Valued Residents and Their Loved Ones

The exterior of Heather Glen Senior Living and images of residents inside enjoying various activities.

July 11, 2022

At Heather Glen Senior Living, our team works tirelessly to ensure that our valued residents have only the utmost experience when it comes time to make the switch to senior living or memory care. For three generations, we’ve always remained true to our values of exceeding expectations for high-quality care and phenomenal living conditions throughout our entire facility—and we’re especially grateful for all of the recognition we continue to receive. Our greatly-appreciated residents and their loved ones are the sole reason why we do what we do, and we’d love to share some of their stories to paint the picture of everything Heather Glen Senior Living stands for. 

Our dedication to excellence

Moving your loved one into a senior living or memory care facility is never an easy decision to make, but oftentimes a necessary one, so it’s beyond important for us to guarantee that all of our residents genuinely feel at home when living at Heather Glen—and our hearts are incredibly full knowing that we’ve been able to achieve that goal and touch the lives of so many families. From our optimized amenities that promote a healthy lifestyle to our all-inclusive living experience to supply your loved one with everything they could need—we’re dedicated to providing a comfortable, compassionate, loving and down-to-earth living experience for all of our residents here at Heather Glen Senior Living, and we’re so proud that our amazing residents and their families can attest to our strong commitment. 

“Heather Glen was a wonderful place for my father to receive the necessary support required to ensure his safety concerns were met, and also a great place to socialize with the community,” the O’Connell family explains. “My husband and I looked at several senior living locations before deciding on Heather Glen. One of the main reasons we selected Heather Glen was the continuing support shown to our family.”

With a strong focus on kindness, empathy and creating an unbeatable, homelike environment for our residents—we make it our priority to be there for our residents and their families throughout the entire process. Additionally, all of our services and offerings at Heather Glen undoubtedly provide everything your loved one needs in a senior living and memory community, helping increase their quality of life, as well as your peace of mind. 

“Like many people, we dreaded the day when it became obvious that Mom would benefit by being in a 'nursing home'. But we were lucky,” the Fenstermacher family writes. “We found Heather Glen. I'm very happy to be able to recommend Heather Glen. The facility is beautiful, more like a very nice hotel than a typical nursing home. A warm and pleasant room, far bigger than her own bedroom at her home. Welcoming, spacious hallways, get-together rooms and a cheerful dining room. Especially important to Mom were her new friends she made—other residents. Many, many people, men and women alike, always had a smile and pleasant, gentle conversation for her. I know she felt loved.”

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that our residents feel they have a safe, peaceful, comfortable and ultimately happy place that they can call home here at Heather Glen—and we’re always grateful to hear that we’ve succeeded in that endeavor. 

“I would recommend this facility to anyone that is considering excellent care for their loved ones,” the Queen family writes. “The activity level, the staff, and care are beyond what we could have ever imagined. There are a lot of activities for our Mom here, we never thought she would be this active! From the moment you walk into the building, you feel so welcomed. I love being able to log onto Facebook and see what fun activities they have going on today. We are so happy to have Mom here.”

It’s a team effort

We love being able to see the progress our residents make from the time they walk through our doors to when they start making friends, getting involved and truly becoming a part of the tight-knit community that is Heather Glen, and there are so many people involved in making that happen—from the person who takes the initial call with the family to the care staff who meet with our residents and everyone in between. At Heather Glen, every single member of our team leaves a lasting impression and strong impact on our residents and their loved ones, and we couldn’t be more proud of the people that make it all happen. 

“Kim Garrison was our go-to person. She provided us with all the necessary information to make this a smooth transition for my father,” the O’Connell family writes. “All of our questions and concerns during this time at Heather Glen were addressed immediately by Kim and the staff at the facility. We would highly recommend Heather Glen if you are considering a place for your loved one.”

At the end of the day, our team members are here for our residents at Heather Glen—every step of the way. It’s more than a job to our employees here, and everyone genuinely cares about providing all of our residents with the utmost living experience in every kind of way. Our team understands when you’re moving a loved one into senior living or memory care, it’s so much more than sending them somewhere to be taken care of—it’s about sending them to a place where they can truly feel content, comfortable and loved by everyone around them.

“Mom was always treated with kindness, warmth and care from the aides and personal care staff, to the dining room and management team,” explains the Fenstermacher family. “There was something special about the aides and personal care team—Mom was treated gently, courteously, respectfully and lovingly. I can't tell you how important that was.”

These astounding staff members represent just a handful of hard workers that make up our unparalleled team here at Heather Glen Senior Living, and we are filled with gratitude that we can make such a remarkable difference for our residents during their time here. You’ll never have to worry about your loved one when they’re at Heather Glen, and you can rest assured knowing they are always taken care of in every way possible. 

Trust Heather Glen Senior Living

At Heather Glen Senior Living, our entire team is beyond grateful that we get to touch the lives of such wonderful people throughout the Lehigh Valley area—whether it’s making our residents feel at home through our commitment to excellence and optimized services or helping their loved ones achieve true peace of mind through our dedication to high-quality care and unconditional compassion. There’s truly no better place to trust with your loved one, and there’s no team you can turn to more than ours. To become a part of our family here at Heather Glen or for any additional questions or inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us online today or give us a call at (610) 841-4478.

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