Why Autumn is the Right Season for a Move to Community Living

Why Autumn is the Right Season for a Move to Community Living

October 11, 2021

Autumn is a favorite season for plenty of reasons: pleasant weather, beautiful scenery thanks to changing foliage, holidays to celebrate and fall flavors to enjoy. But did you know that autumn is also a favored time to move your loved one into a personal care community? Heather Glen Senior Living is the premier personal care community in Allentown, with specialized communities for personal care, memory care, and respite stays. See our list of reasons why fall is the best time to talk to your loved one about a transition to community living.   

Avoid Ice and Snow 

As much as we love life in Lehigh Valley, our climate does bring plenty of ice, sleet and snow in the cold winter months. Seniors who live alone in these conditions already face increased risks, and moving during winter is even more of a headache. Avoid the messiness of a winter move (and the insane heat of a summer one) by taking advantage of autumn’s mild temperatures. 

Beat the Rush 

Many families might not realize the extent of their loved ones’ needs until they are with them in person over the fall and winter holidays. Because of this pattern, inquiries about moving to communities like Heather Glen Senior Living often peak in November, December and January. This influx of calls creates more need, meaning you might not be able to get the best of the best for your loved one. Choosing the right community for your senior loved one is an incredible responsibility, so don’t miss out on the best option by waiting too long. 

Find a Better Deal 

Across the country, summertime months are considered peak moving months. Movers are busier than ever in June, July and August—causing a dramatic increase in prices and a lot less flexibility when scheduling. By planning a move for October or early November, you can help your loved one negotiate a lower price on moving their belongings into their new home. 

Get Comfortable 

Moving into a personal care community can be a stressful, challenging time for many seniors. Although we have some tips to alleviate some of that stress, moving in the fall months gives your loved one plenty of time to get settled and comfortable in their new space before the onset of winter. Additionally, the upcoming holidays may provide the time off that you need to come visit your loved one more frequently in their new community—which can help them feel even better about the substantial life change they’ve recently experienced. 

If your loved one could benefit from life in a personal or memory care community, now is the perfect time to start the process. Heather Glen Senior Living has the exceptional amenities your loved will appreciate and the 24/7 care staff you need for peace of mind, knowing that residents are being well taken care of and truly enjoying life with new friends and staff members. 

To schedule a tour of Heather Glen Senior Living or learn more about community living in general, contact us today or call 610-841-4478. 

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