Top 5 Ways Our Vibrant Senior Living Community can Help You Beat the Winter Blues

Top 5 Ways Our Vibrant Senior Living Community can Help You Beat the Winter Blues

Seniors enjoying community events like what is offered at Heather Glen Senior Living

January 26, 2022

When the holiday season comes and goes, the joy we feel from our family-filled gatherings may also start to creep farther away. The winter blues are real—with our days and hours of sunlight getting shorter and the cold weather keeping us indoors more than usual, it’s no surprise that this could heavily have a negative impact on our older loved ones. 

Since the winter weather is far from over, our team at Heather Glen Senior Living wanted to share some of the top ways seniors can keep their spirits high as the winter season spans out in front of them. 

Take advantage of all hours of sunlight

If the sun is shining and the winter wind has subdued—get outside as much as possible. Invite your friends to come along as you take a walk through our community walking trail. Enjoying the natural beauty and sunshine will help keep your mood positive even when the days seem to get shorter. If it does seem too cold for a walk, though, you can always throw open your window curtains and let the light shine in through your living areas as much as possible. 

Keep up with your hobbies

Even if it’s not on your New Year’s resolution list, it’s never a bad idea to find a hobby to occupy your time—especially in the winter months. Whether it’s through activities to keep your mind sharp through crossword puzzles and reading, hobbies you simply love to do like knitting and painting or activities from our planned calendar—keeping up with the hobbies that truly make you happy is an incredible way to keep your spirits high when the temperatures get low. To top it off, our community has great communal areas that offer a spectacular spot to keep up with the hobbies that make you happy.

Enjoy a healthy diet

While your leftover Christmas treats might look delicious for a nighttime snack, it’s best to try and keep your diet as healthy as possible in the winter months. Our diet plays a huge role in our emotions, and it’s important that we take care of our body and mind throughout the season—that’s why our team at Heather Glen Senior Living offers three well-balanced meals everyday for our residents to enjoy.

Volunteer your time

There’s nothing better for lifting your spirits than giving back to your neighbors and community, and this winter would be the perfect time to give a little extra support to those around you. The Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley has incredible opportunities where you can volunteer your time this year—you’ll be amazed at how uplifted you’ll feel when you do.

Get together with loved ones

Just because the holiday season is over, doesn’t mean the time for visiting family members is too—so find ways to keep up with our loved ones during the winter months. Whether it’s through lunch time meetups, shopping days or card nights at home—keeping in touch with your loved ones during the winter months will help raise your spirits no matter what.

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