National Caregiver Day: A Reminder to Prioritize Self-Care

National Caregiver Day: A Reminder to Prioritize Self-Care

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February 2, 2023

At Heather Glen Senior Living, we know how vital self-care is for everyone—but it is especially crucial for caregivers. Caring for a loved one, whether it be a child, an aging parent, or someone with a chronic illness, can be physically, emotionally, and mentally draining. It is essential to take care of oneself to avoid burnout and maintain a healthy balance—and with National Caregiver Day coming up on February 17, our team wanted to honor and recognize the hard work and sacrifices made by caregivers everywhere.

Caregiving can be a full-time job, leaving little time for self-care and personal needs. It is important to remember that taking care of oneself is not selfish—it is necessary. By taking care of oneself, a caregiver can provide better care for their loved one and prevent burnout. There are many ways to practice self-care as a caregiver, including:


Exercise can help reduce stress and increase energy levels. Find a physical activity you enjoy, whether it be yoga, walking, or swimming, and make time for it regularly. Even taking just 30 minutes out of every day to move your body and go outside can help improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being tremendously—which can ensure that caregivers are not only taking care of their loved one, but also themselves. 


Caring for another person can lead to stress and anxiety over time, and having many tasks and responsibilities can cause caregivers to feel overwhelmed. Because of this, it’s important for caregivers to take time for themselves and practice relaxation techniques such as reading, meditation, deep breathing, or even a warm bath. As caregivers, it’s far too common to place your own welfare on the back burner to put your loved one first—but in order to give the best care, it’s crucial to take a step back and remember to relax and have downtime. 


Engaging in a hobby you enjoy can provide a much-needed break from caregiving and improve your mental health. Whether you like to paint, cook, shop, exercise, garden or try new things—it may not seem like a big deal, but taking time to do the things you love can help you find the perfect balance of taking care of both yourself and your loved one. 

Social Support

While the stress that often comes with caregiving can be alleviated by doing things for yourself, it can also help to talk with others and express your feelings out loud. Join our support group for caregivers, connect with friends and family, or find an online community where you can chat with others who understand what you are going through. It can be therapeutic to talk out your feelings, and it can also help increase your peace of mind to know what you’re feeling is completely normal. 

How Heather Glen Senior Living can help

Self-care is crucial for caregivers, and it is essential to prioritize it in order to maintain a healthy way of living. Let National Caregiver Day serve as a reminder to take care of yourself and your mental, emotional and physical health—and remember, there are always resources out there that can help you if you’re feeling overwhelmed. As caregivers, it can be hard to know if there’s a right time to transition your loved one into a trusted care community like Heather Glen Senior Living—which is why our team is here to help. We know how rewarding and fulfilling caregiving can be—but we also know how challenging and draining it can start to feel, which is why we offer a top-quality, personalized care community to help ease the worries of loved ones. 

We’re proud to provide the best personal and memory care possible for our residents, that way you can rest assured knowing that your loved one is in great hands once it’s time to transition them into a care community. Make time for yourself, engage in activities that bring you joy, and remember that taking care of oneself is not selfish, it is necessary—and if you’re wanting to learn more about the award-winning care we offer in our community, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (610) 841-4478 or fill out our online form to set up a tour today. We’re happy to help!

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